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Medac’s KAM® RCM technology is designed to make your life easier.

anesthesia billing software

anesthesia billing software and revenue cycle management

Medac’s KAM Technologies RCM platform is a custom anesthesia billing software platform that utilizes Microsoft enterprise tools and architecture. With over 20 years in development, the KAM Technologies RCM platform and anesthesia billing software is designed exclusively for anesthesia and pain management.  Our medical billing software is what truly separates us from all other RCM companies in the industry.

Designed exclusively for anesthesia, the KAM Technologies RCM Platform is maintained by Medac’s subsidiary company, KAM Technologies. The KAM Technologies RCM Platform is interfaced with over 650 systems across the United States to support demographic data, EHR utilization, quality reporting and customer data extraction. Additionally, KAM Technologies Business Intelligence Rules Engine significantly increases your clean claims ratio on the front end, which significantly reduces denials and unpaid claims on the backend. These efficiencies also significantly reduce client aged accounts receivables and enable Medac to focus more on customer service and follow up. Specific platform features include:

  • Longest running proprietary anesthesia billing software and RCM platform
  • Anesthesia-specific business intelligence rules engine
  • Business intelligence data warehouse
  • Automated underpaid and overpaid claims capture, resolution, and reporting
  • Proprietary KAM Technologies EDI integration engine
  • Real-time payment verification
  • Client reporting portal for total transparency 24x7x365
  • Patient portal allowing easy access for credit card payments
  • Dashboard reporting and drill-down capabilities