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Medac, Inc. is a privately held corporation organized in 1992 under the laws in the state of Georgia. Medac provides business management services and information products to healthcare providers and has specifically marketed to anesthesia practices. Medac’s healthcare services are designed to assist clients with the business management functions associated with the delivery of healthcare services, in particular, the billing and collection functions, thereby permitting physicians and hospitals to focus on providing quality medical services to their patients. This outsourcing also reduces the overhead with a minimal capital investment required by the anesthesia practice. Medac’s quality, results oriented commitment to clients provides the most comprehensive and personalized service possible while optimizing reimbursement.

Medac has developed a proprietary, state-of-the-art billing information management system (Kam Technologies) designed exclusively for anesthesia and pain management. Our system is specifically designed to improve efficiency in both handling of bills and the percentage of bills recovered.

Our philosophy of slow and steady growth as an anesthesia practice management firm and position and reputation in the medical community is built of superior performance and personal service. Medac is a service-oriented company utilizing a staff of highly skilled and trained anesthesia reimbursement professionals to assist in the management of clients’ accounts receivable. Historically, Medac has proven to be successful in billing and collecting a larger percentage of accounts receivable than other billing services by the application of a more intensive follow-up system. Medac is able to optimize reimbursements from the insurance carriers rather than focusing on the individual patient and will make the extra effort to file secondary and tertiary insurance claims and resubmit all unpaid claims. Medac employs a team of accounts receivable professionals, account representatives, operations managers, and practice management individuals to service each client confidentially, efficiently and profitably. Through ongoing attendance at seminars and training programs, Medac’s reimbursement teams are continuously updated on the latest regulatory changes in the insurance industry, which ensures virtually error free coding, a key in eliminating the physician’s threat of fraud.





Kam Technologies Software

Our proprietary Kam Technologies Physician Billing System is what truly separates us from the competition.


With the only transparent system in the industry, Medac clients can monitor and verify their revenue performance and have complete confidence in the integrity and accuracy of the reported results.