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“We are Medac. We are always innovating and developing advancements in both our feature -rich technology and our client management processes.”

-Bijon Memar, Founder



Medac adheres to a written corporate compliance plan, which serves as a safeguard to ensure that all aspects of the billing and collection processes are analyzed and kept in accordance with the OIG Third Party Compliance Guidelines.

Practice Management 

We have attracted some of the top people in the industry through our 200+ combined years of anesthesia practice management experience, Medac prides itself in having the lowest practice manager to client ratio in the industry. We are more focused on the quality of our work than the quantity of our clients. Your practice management representative will provide an unprecedented level of expertise to ensure that you are spending more time doing what you love.


Medac has its own proprietary technology, F1RSTKAM, that allows it to create and easily adapt to industry changes by creating reliable and innovative physician/healthcare business solutions that reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, enhance compliance and quality of care, and increase reimbursements.

Revenue Cycle Management. 

Specializing exclusively in anesthesia for 25+ years and servicing thousands of anesthesia providers in 40 states, Medac is the nation’s premier anesthesia billing company.  Powered by the longest-running anesthesia billing software in the industry, F1RSTKAM, Medac is the most technologically advanced provider of anesthesia billing solutions in the country. We have earned our reputation for excellence by continually investing in our people, processes, and technology.

With world class service provided by highly skilled billing specialists, industry-leading compliance and practice management experts, Medac clients enjoy increased revenues and peace of mind associated with knowing that they are compliant.  Medac is more than just an anesthesia billing company.  We are fully integrated anesthesia business consultants providing reliable, innovative anesthesia business solutions that help our clients reduce costs, provide better controls, improve patient care, and increase revenues and efficiencies.

Large Logo | Medac Anesthesia Business Partners
Large Logo | Medac Anesthesia Business Partners

We provide full service Revenue Cycle Management.

Our Services


From point of service charge capture to claims resolution to reimbursement, experience complete peace of mind for your revenue cycle management.

Medac’s practice management services save time and money. Resources, dashboards, analytics and solutions to meet your practice needs and keep you in the know.

Medac adheres to a rigorous corporate compliance program which provides the peace of mind you need to focus on patient care.

Medac provides ongoing provider education to ensure minimum compliance risk exposure and maximum payer reimbursement.

Medac’s financial management team provides the professional expertise you need to optimize financial performance and help you succeed in the business of healthcare.

Since the advent of provider networks and managed care, provider enrollment has become a key component of anesthesia and pain management practice management.




A lot of hard work goes into becoming one of the most trusted Anesthesia billing companies in the country. Read on to see what makes us different.




A lot of hard work goes into becoming one of the most trusted Anesthesia billing providers in the country. Read on to see what makes us different.

After dealing with several billing companies in the past, Medac has proven to be an industry leader in anesthesia billing services.

Mark Carithers, MD

Medac has been our anesthesia business partner since 2011. Their unparalleled technical expertise in billing and compliance is only surpassed by their organizational integrity and culture of customer service. Knowing our revenue cycle management is in good hands has allowed me to focus on growing our practice. Two thumbs up for our Medac team!!

Paul Santoro, CRNA

I have worked with 5 billing companies in my 33 year career. Medac is by far the best billing company I have been associated with. They are very efficient, and our anesthesia collections have steadily increased since contracting with Medac. I only wish I had discovered Medac earlier in my career.

Bruce E. Werhan, DO

Business Intelligence

Our proprietary billing system is one of a kind in our industry. Our anesthesia Business Intelligence (BI) Rules Engine boosts over 450,000 anesthesia specific rules built into the software to ensure the most up-to-date compliance and ensures you the most return for your unpaid claims.

Online Portal

An online portal makes it incredibly easy to access your reports from anywhere in the world, from any device. Security of our clients’ data is of utmost importance, and instantaneous access to your reports follows closely behind. We are proud that we can accomplish both.

Automated Services

Automated services such as accounts receivable management, underpaid/overpaid claims capture, and other useful automations make managing a practice easy and hassle-free. We allow you to focus on patient care.  leave the billing and collections to us and concentrate on doing more of what you love to do.

Electronic Documents

Medac boasts 24/7 online access to reports. We also offer pre-submission eligibility, quality data capture, patient demographic integration, AIMS integration, patient demographics, banking, and retrieval for a smooth, paperless operating procedure.

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