Since the inception of provider networks and managed care organizations, proper and timely provider enrollment has become a key component in the profitability and viability of every anesthesia practice.  Managed Care Organizations, including Medicare and Medicaid require comprehensive credentialing processes to ensure that anesthesia providers meet all of the necessary requirements and are appropriately qualified to practice anesthesia and deliver quality anesthesia care. Provider Enrollment is a critical component of the billing process and if not properly performed and managed, may cost your practice significant revenues. Medac’s team of provider enrollment specialists combined with the Kam Technologies RCM Platform’s unique integration with the Sy.Med OneApp provider credentialing and enrollment software, ensures a seamless process for timely provider enrollment and maintenance.

Our provider enrollment specialists help you save tremendous resources and reduce administrative burden by managing and tracking credentialing applications and payer enrollment forms.

Services include:

  • Provider Enrollment Data Capture and Form Completion & Filing
  • On-going Maintenance of Provider Enrollment Status via Re-Credentialing & Re-Certification
  • Medicare & Medicaid Revalidation
  • On-Demand Tracking and Reporting from Centralized Database
  • Electronic Document Storage, Management, & Retrieval
  • Individual Provider Linkage to Group Practice
  • Electronic Alert Notification of Pending Provider and Group Number Expiration
  • Individual and Group NPI Data Capture, Form Completion & Filing
  • CAQH Data Capture, Maintenance, Tracking & Attestation
  • Individual Provider Taxonomy Code Updating
  • New Facility Linkage to Group Provider Number
  • Payer Notification of Individual/Group Provider Profile Changes including Name Changes, Pay-To Address Changes, Correspondence Address Changes