Anesthesia Business Consultants

With Proven Expertise

Our practice management services go beyond traditional process management to deliver measurable results and seamless automation for your practice’s billing, reimbursement, and compliance needs. Medac’s qualified team of anesthesia business consultants, coupled with our KAM anesthesia billing software, cater to the specific needs of your practice to implement the solution that works best for you.

Our industry expertise allows us to assist and guide anesthesia practices to greater profitability and financial security. Each client is assigned one of our qualified anesthesia business consultants to help strategize, organize, and manage a variety of processes including fee schedules, third party reimbursements, tax structures, compensation modeling, and more. And with the lowest practice manager-to-client ratio in the industry, you can rest assured that your practice is in good hands.

Practice Management

Our anesthesia business consultants have helped over 10,000 practices with strategic planning and execution of key initiatives including hospital contract & subsidy negotiations, merger & acquisition facilitation, and managed care contract negotiations. Medac’s practice management services are designed to cover a wide range of practice concerns, from feasibility studies to comprehensive committee structure alternatives at the hospital, department, and group level. We specialize in operating and strategic plan preparation to help your practice run smoothly, so your staff can focus on providing quality care to patients.

Our billing management services go beyond those offered by traditional practice management companies, with provider education sessions and services that equip our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Billing and coding updates, daily reporting, and our semi-annual Anesthesia Business Journal provide our clients with useful information to help their practice stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Through in-depth financial analysis and billing and coding compliance, Medac’s anesthesia business consultants are equipped to handle every aspect of our clients’ revenue cycle management. Financial review and analysis of financial statements allows us to create detailed reports that include a summary of income and expenses by cost center. Medac also offers budgeting and cash flow support, providing our clients with quarterly comparisons of actual financial activity to the group’s budget, in order to pinpoint inefficiencies and reduce overhead expenses.

Financial Management

How Can Our Anesthesia Business Consultants Help Your Practice?

Medac’s practice management and anesthesia billing services provide each of our clients with a streamlined revenue cycle that helps medical practices grow and succeed. How can our anesthesia business consultants assist your practice? Contact Jimmy Patrick at (706) 650-0705 or