Beckers ASC: Is your patient ASA classification costing your practice money?

-->September 14, 2017Company News

    Each time that an anesthetic is rendered, the patient is assigned an ASA physical status modifier which describes the complexity of the service provided.

    Although many practitioners see this as simply a clinical designation, few realize that the misclassification of these modifiers can result in lost revenue for their practice.

    The problem stems from the somewhat vague descriptors that represent these modifiers (e.g., mild vs. severe systemic disease) and the corresponding comorbidities that can be used to support them. Historically, anesthesia providers had to use their clinical discretion to determine correct modifier usage on patients, and there was great disparity in application, even within the same anesthesia group.

    How then do anesthesia practice managers and clinicians select the most appropriate and accurate risk-based patient ASA classification? Medac’s Vice President of Compliance recently shared a couple of tips with the Becker’s ASC Anesthesia channel. Click here to view the quick hitting piece with Hal’s insights and shared resources.

    If you are an anesthesiologist, CRNA or anesthesia practice manager seeking to improve your clean claims rate and ensure you and your practice do not lose revenue due to patient ASA classification changes or errors, let us know how we can help.