Health Care Reform Alert

    Health Care Reform Alert

    By:  Gregory R. Zinser, Chief Executive Officer

    July 31, 2009

    As your business partner, we are committed to keeping you fully informed regarding any external forces that could affect your practice, and recommending appropriate courses of action.  Most recently, we have fully analyzed and evaluated the latest discussions of health care reform that could have a profound effect on physician reimbursement.  It is our assessment based on a long history of similar attempts to reform the system and a review of the specific aspects of this latest proposed legislation, that there is a very low probability any significant changes will occur that could materially affect anesthesia group practice.

    Highly publicized discussions regarding the proposed legislation will continue to be sure; however, when the details of financing and control of the system are fully disclosed, we do not believe that the proposal as it is currently written will have the political or public support necessary to become reality.  Nonetheless, there is no downside to contacting your elected officials to make your views known and if you choose to do so, we are providing the following link for your convenience:

    As your practice management partners, we will continue to be vigilant as the debate continues and new solutions are proposed.  We will also keep you fully informed of our research on this and all other issues that could have an impact on your practice.

    We welcome your thoughts on this subject.