“Inspire, connect, grow?” Yes, we are IN on AANA 2017

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    At Medac, we are proud to help thousands of medical anesthesia professionals, including SNRAs and CRNAs, manage successful practices and provide quality care to patients. That’s why we are looking forward to the AANA 2017 Nurse Anesthesia Annual Congress on September 8-12 in Seattle.

    Every year certified registered nurse anesthetists sharpen their skills with the latest research and educational sessions offered by the AANA annual conference to improve their practices’ ability to deliver value-based care. There is no better way to learn about the top pain points, and the SRNAs and CRNAs that need solutions, than meeting them right where they are.

    How can we help your practice?

    Medac leadership will be in attendance to connect with SNRAs, CRNAs and practice managers looking to improve their revenue cycle management, clean claims ratios, cash flow and processing efficiency, as well as compliance and risk auditing. Our suite of anesthesia business services deliver the results your practice needs to monitor and protect your revenue.

    “With Medicare and payers changing rules so often, and massive changes such as the switch to ICD-10, it’s too much for any one individual to keep up,” said Dr. Werhan of the West Broad Anesthesia practice. “Medac does only anesthesia billing. That’s very important. With this tight focus, they’ve developed solid experience in the needs, codes and payment schedules of anesthesiologists.”

    In addition to connecting with industry leaders and professionals, we are also excited to learn about the latest medical equipment, technology, and pharmacological products shaping the industry. We love the addition of the “Business of Anesthesia & Fundamentals of Practice Management” track added to this year’s schedule, and we will definitely take part in the sessions. You can access the AANA 2017 program in its entirety here.

    Connect With Medac

    We look forward to developing new revenue cycle and practice management solutions for AANA members and their practices. Our mission is to provide comprehensive anesthesia business and technology solutions that reduce risk and improve the lifestyle, profitability, and productivity of our clients.

    Contact Jimmy Patrick at (706) 799-9000 to arrange a meeting at AANA 2017.

    Follow Medac on LinkedIn for a steady dose of high value industry analysis you can use every day in your practice from the Medac News page. Two recent insight pieces include, “New CMS Requirements for Follow Up Visits,” and top “to-do’s” on compliance and data security in an era of mounting cyber attacks.

    We are also upping our social media presence: you can follow Medac on Twitter as well. We will be joining the conversation with the conference hashtag #AANA2017. See you in Seattle!