Medac Offers Technology Solution for Stage 1 Meaningful Use Attestation

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    Medac Offers Technology Solution for Stage 1 Meaningful Use Attestation

    Medac has recognized the need for Anesthesiologists and Chronic Pain Physicians to document and attest to Stage 1 Meaningful Use of a certified EHR.  As a result, we have leveraged our extensive integration experience to provide a simple, low risk, low cost solution for Anesthesiologists and Chronic Pain Physicians to satisfy Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements.

    Medac’s utilization of cutting edge technologies provides real tools to capture all requisite Stage 1 Core Set Meaningful Use Criteria and Stage 1 Menu Set Meaningful Use Criteria with minimal impact.  This cloud based solution is effortlessly deployed with little to no IT involvement – bringing a cost effective data collection utility to any Anesthesiologist or Chronic Pain Physician and allows them to easily attest and qualify for the CMS EHR Incentive Payment.  Your low cost fee is contingent up your receipt of CMS Incentive Payment.

    I am not currently a Medac billing client.  May I take advance of this solution?

    Medac’s solution is available to any interested Anesthesiologist or Chronic Pain Physician, clients and non-clients alike.

    How much can I be paid if I take advantage of this technology and how do I get started?

    As you may already know, eligible providers can earn up to $44K in incentive payments from Medicare for becoming Meaningful Users of EHR technology by 2015.  Fortunately, for calendar year 2012, eligible providers needed to only report on any continuous 90-day period within the first payment year (2012).  However, providers should be aware that October 3, 2012 was the deadline for EPs to begin their 90-day reporting period for 2012.  Therefore, many of you may have already missed the deadline to receive the full 4 year payment of $44k.  Those providers that did not register and did not begin reporting prior to October 3rd, 2012, may earn a maximum of $39K. Unfortunately, for all subsequent years, the reporting period encompasses the entire calendar year. To begin the process, or to learn more, please visit us at Booth #526 at the ASA Annual Convention or contact us via phone at (800) 883-8003 or via email at .

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