Medac partners with AnesthesiaOS to provide seamless billing integration to providers.

-->September 20, 2016Company News

    NORTH AUGUSTA, South Carolina, September 20, 2016 – Today Medac, Inc. announced a partnership with AnesthesiaOSTM to provide seamless billing integration to providers.Medical Information Records, LLC (MIR), creator of AnesthesiaOS™, a cloud-based Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) has sought to standardize care by focusing on the mobility and the replication of an enhanced patient care experience and not the mobility of a particular device and/or workstation.

    Changes in the healthcare payment models are creating a need for providers to manage their margins by improving both clinical and administrative outcomes.  Eliminating paper related workflows which includes the automated process of forwarding the anesthesia record to billing creates a smarter workflow that improves both clinical and administrative outcomes.

    “Our innovation goal is to service providers by creating and optimizing their own margin and outcome management model by creating smarter workflows,” said Terrence Ray, Chief Executive Officer for MIR. “Even though MIR is a technology company, we believe innovation is not about the technology in and of itself.  Innovation is about what technology can do to advance clinical and/or administrative outcomes,” said Dr. Christopher Ray, Chief Technology Officer for MIR.

    “Over the past 24 years, we have built a very strong company, in large part, due to our strong commitment to providing high quality service and value to our clients”, said Bellinger Moody, President of Medac, Inc. “Our partnership with AnesthesiaOS is a continuation of that same commitment to high quality service by partnering with state of the art solutions to address the changes in healthcare.”

    About AnesthesiaOS

    AnesthesiaOS™ was developed by anesthesiologist with the vision of advancing medicine by creating smarter workflows. AnesthesiaOS™ is a cloud-based EHR that seeks to standardize care by focusing on the mobility and replication of an enhanced patient care experience and not the mobility of a particular device and/or workstation. AnesthesiaOS™ enhances the point of care, not control it by allowing providers to easily complete an anesthesia record while focusing on the quality of patient care. For more information about AnesthesiaOS, please visit http://anesthesiaos.comTwitterYouTube and the AOS Blog.

    About Medac Anesthesia Business Consultants

    A privately held corporation, is one of the nation’s largest, independently owned, anesthesia revenue cycle management companies, dedicated exclusively to anesthesia and pain management billing and coding.  Medac’s revenue cycle management services are designed to assist clients with the business management functions associated with the delivery of anesthesia services—in particular, the billing and collection functions—thereby permitting providers and facilities to focus on providing quality medical services to their patients. Medac’s quality, results-oriented commitment to clients provides the most comprehensive and personalized service possible while optimizing reimbursement.